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BASIS Independent Schools Brooklyn

The best schools in America have arrived in Silicon Valley

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley offers a STEM-focused liberal arts curriculum, giving students the tools needed to excel in the 21st century. We combine a rigorous course of study with accountability and expectations of success. Student performance has consistently topped rankings in educational achievement both at home and abroad; graduates have consistently attended the world’s most prestigious and respected higher learning institutions. Now enrolling grades 5-12.

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  • Mary Gottschalk , San Jose Mercury News - BASIS [Independent] Silicon Valley will open with grades 5-11, with 12th grade added in the 2015-16 school year.  "We are offering an academic program that is benchmarked against the very highest standards in the world, and no one else is benchmarking themselves at that level," says Mark Reford, CEO… - Mary Gottschalk , San Jose Mercury News
  • Richard Whitmire , Opinion Article for The Hechinger Report - As for those elite private schools charging parents $40,000-a-year, BASIS Independent schools will offer what they consider a superior education for half that amount — while challenging those expensive private schools to take the international tests and release the results, just as BASIS does. A very big dare. - Richard Whitmire , Opinion Article for The Hechinger Report
  • Jay Mathews , The Washington Post - Both [BASIS schools] now have such high SAT scores they are going on my Public Elites list, where I put schools, such as Thomas Jefferson or Bronx Science, that are too selective to be usefully assessed by AP or IB participation  - Jay Mathews , The Washington Post
  • Amanda Ripley , The Smartest Kids in the World (and how they got that way) - …There are even whole schools built around the ideals of rigorous learning and telling children the truth… In 2012, teenagers at two Arizona BASIS Schools took a special new version of the PISA test … The results were breathtaking.    - Amanda Ripley , The Smartest Kids in the World (and how they got that way)
  • June Kronholz , Education Next - Fifteen years after its founding by two economists—an American and a Czech, who fell in love at a seminar on the collapse of the Soviet Union—the BASIS network already roosts in the scholastic stratosphere. - June Kronholz , Education Next
  • Thomas Friedman , The New York Times - So what’s the secret of the best-performing schools? It’s that there is no secret. The best schools, the study found, have strong fundamentals and cultures that believe anything is possible with any student: They “work hard to choose strong teachers with good content knowledge and dedication to continuous improvement. - Thomas Friedman , The New York Times
  • The Economist - It is working. The BASIS schools rank at or near the top in most surveys of American public schools. One part of a documentary about America falling hopelessly behind China and India in education features BASIS as the rare exception. - The Economist
  • from "Closing America's High Achievement Gap" - How do they do it?  Says co-founder Michael Block, 'There's no magic here. It's just a four-letter word: work. We just work harder here.' BASIS schools administer a rigorous, A.P.-based curriculum across the board to all students. 'We have been severly underestimating all kids,' says Block. - from "Closing America's High Achievement Gap"
  • Thomas Friedman , NYT, On Academic Achievement - There is no secret ... A relentless focus on all the basics that we know make for high-performing ... a deep commitment to teacher training, peer-to-peer learning and constant professional development, a deep involvement of parents in their children's learning, an insistence by the school's leadership on the highest standards and a culture that prizes education and respects teachers. - Thomas Friedman , NYT, On Academic Achievement
  • Amanda Ripley , Atlantic - Imagine, for a moment, if Americans transferred our obsessive intensity about high-school sports ... BASIS teachers channel the enthusiams usually found on football fields into academic conquests. On the day of advanced placement exams, students at BASIS Tucson North file into the classroom to "Eye of the Tiger", the Rocky III Theme Song. - Amanda Ripley , Atlantic