The Right Private School

Private School in San Jose

As you consider BASIS Independent Silicon Valley as the private school for your child, we’d like to remind you of our simple approach to education, one that we’ve practiced for more than a decade and continue to improve upon. Our Independent Schools will be no difference, because we also are learners.

1 | Hire great teachers who love kids, who have deep content knowledge and a passion for what they teach.

2 | Lift the bar up to the highest global standards, and students will rise to meet the challenge.

3 | Light a fire in the heart, mind and soul of every child. Help them carve out their own path of learning, so that they can succeed in college and make their way in the adult world.

4 | Break the hard sciences down into their essential elements in middle school: Chemistry, Physics and Biology. As they know in the best school systems in Europe and Asia, this works.

5 | | Recognize that a thorough knowledge of grammar is necessary for good writing, and that logic builds critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

A key element of the BASIS Independent difference is our focus on creating the best private school experience possible for our students. If it isn’t absolutely necessary for achieving academic excellence, then we don’t do it. Steve Jobs said it best: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Our Commitment to You

The BASIS Independent School’s private educational model rests on three pillars; Knowledgeable, brilliant teachers, a rigorous, accelerated curriculum and Teacher-Student accountability.

BASIS Independent Schools emphasize on results, which is why our Silicon Valley private school is in such high demand. BASIS.ed has created private schools that are measured against the highest international academic standards. BASIS.ed schools compete with, and beat, the best schools in the world.

The BASIS practice originates in a self-evident truth: there is no substitute for hard work and persistence. Our private schools implore the most state of the art tactics to achieve academic supremacy.

Come to an info session to hear about our state-of-the-art facilities.

The BASIS faculty nurtures a learning culture that is both rigorous and joyful. Our students are comfortable in their own skin. They work and collaborate in a culture that is intellectually invigorating.

A BASIS private education changes children. They grow to love learning and the pursuit of deeper understanding. They find delight in mastering fields of complex knowledge and develop a fascination for disciplined, critical enquiry. They learn to be independent and to formulate their own goals. Some they accomplish, some they do not. That is as it should be.

BASIS Independent recruits faculty who are passionate experts in their disciplines.

BASIS Independent asks them to do nothing but inspire the students in their care.

BASIS Independent recruits managers who are passionate, empathetic and who wish to serve.

BASIS teachers do not give up on their students. If a student is willing to work, their support team will be by their side all the way.

We promise you that at BASIS Independent your child will face extraordinary challenges and grow accustomed to our unwavering support.